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Programmet i korthet

Onsdag 27 november
Kl 9.30 & kl 10.45
» Flamenco de los Niños
Kl 12.30
» Grotherus Trio
Kl 18.00
» Pedram Shahlai

Torsdag 28 november
Kl 9.30 & kl 10.45
» Flamenco de los Niños
Kl 12.30
» Sekulic Quartet
Kl 18.00
» Seminarium: “Music in the gaming industry"

Fredag 29 november
Hela dagen
» Egyptisk temadag musik och magdans
Kl 19.30
» Ajam

Lördag 30 november
Kl 19.00
» Saxtas
Kl 20.00
» Kateking


Seminariet kommer att hållas på engelska.

In this seminar we will take a look at how music is fast becoming an important aspect of today’s computer and video games and how the music industry is finding a new market in the interactive entertainment sector. Invited to speak are representatives from both the music and gaming industry together with academia who will talk about the issue from their respective perspectives.

– How has the music of games evolved? From simple MIDI recordings to today’s involvement of large orchestras and studio recordings.
– What kind of market is emerging for musicians in the gaming industry? Practical experiences of musicians and game production companies.
– How can music enhance immersion and player experience? Present and future visions.
– How can musicians learn more about getting involved in the interactive Entertainment sector? How is academia responding to this growing market?
– What research has been done in the field and what conclusions did it reach?

Confirmed participants

Bence Pajor – Audio Director at DICE
Bence is partly responsible for the good reputation that DICE got for the sound in their games. Ha has worked at DICE for 10 years, almost exclusively with the Battlefield series and currently as Audio Director for Battlefield 4 coming out this fall. He began his career as a musician and has also been part of the first game music concert Play! performed at the Concert Hall in Stockholm.

Jacob Lincke – Composer at Coilworks
Jacob is a freelancing video game composer, song writer and producer. He studied music at the University College of Skövde where he went from an interest in scoring movies to immersing himself into the world of video game music. Jacob is currently writing music for independent game developers at Coilworks.

Simon Kölle – Composer/Editor at Play Network
Simon Kölle has composed music for a whole bunch of highly acclaimed projects. In addition to film and SVT, Simon has composed music for several high profile documentary’s, Video Blogs, music for interactive projects and more than ten albums.  A pioneer in the genre of fantasy Simon was the obvious choice to compose music to Drakar och Demoner.

Due personal reasons, Andreas Waldetoft had to cancel his participation in the seminar. But we are happy to welcome Simon Kölle to the panel instead.


Cecilia Dolk
Cecilia is an creative producer with focus on producing games, conferences, partys and exhibitions. With her passion for participatory culture she was one of the team who created The Monitor Celestra – a larp inspired by sifi tv-show Battlestar Galactica who got attention from BSG fans and larpers all over the world. She is co-founder of Berättelsefrämjandet and when she doesn’t arrange larps, lectures, partys or play board game with here friends, she relaxes with one of here game consoles. Or just dance the night away.

Thursday 28th of November at 6 pm.

In Stockholm Universitys conference hall in Kista, Isafjordsgatan 39.

The seminar will be held in English and the audience will mainly consist of people studying or working in the music and gaming industry but is open to everyone free of charge. RVSP by mail here.

Presented in cooperation with University of Stockholm.

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