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November is getting closer and so is the eighth Kista World Music Festival. Inspiring artists from around the world is gathering in Kista and Kulturhuset to brighten up the dark November with exiting conserts and inventive musical encounters. Through the network Pangean Rhythm the spirit of Kista World Music Festival continues to reach out to other parts of Sweden. Conserts will be presented in Kulturhuset in Stockholm, in Kista, in Gothenburg Conserthall and Väterå Conserthall. As usual the festival also offers schoolconcerts, workshops and a seminar in Stockholm.

Many great artists are already booked so why not take part of the festival´s program today and look forward to a glowing last week of November!

Natacha Atlas
For the first time this Anglo-Egyptian diva, famous for her fusion in western electronica and Arabian music, is visiting Kista World Music Festival with her new accoustic orchestra. Enjoy her sensitive and ornamental voice at this one and only consert in Sweden.

Zarbang and Hossein Alizadeh
Zarbang in one of the most celebrated world music ensembles in the world. At this year´s festival they play together with Hossein Alizadeh, one of Irans greatest composer och musician in classical Persian tradition. Their music, based on rhythms, is inventive and blends vocals and melodious instruments in a contemporary way.

Asita Hamidi`s Bazaar takes you on a journey stretching from the north to the southeast. Bazaar´ music winds its ways through territories untouched by musical tourism and far away from any form of ethno-kitsch. Intense, sensual and alive, their music is like a collage of time and space and goes unfiltered straight to the heart.

lending ancient Finnish runo poetry, distinctive vocal harmonies, traditional and modern acoustic instrumentation, complex rhythms and imaginative arrangements, these three female singers with a backline of six acoustic musicians are forging their own path in contemporary music.
”An unbeatable world-beat combination: traditional music, given a contemporary twist and a postmodern point of view.” -Rolling Stone

This band from Gothenburg presents powerful och captivating worldmusic. With influence from rock and jazz they create an inventive and contemporary Creol mix in the time of migration and globalisation!

Baluch Trio
Folk ensemble from Baluchistan with Mohammad Eshagh Balouch, Mohammad Ali Balouch och Mossa Balouch. This celebratet trio has toured the world and has a completely unique sound and style in which their songs narrate different stories. Folk music from Baluchistan has many similarities with Nordic Folk music and with the Norwegian Polska in particular.

The unique meeting between the Orient and Scandinavia is nothing less than magic. An important part of Golbang’s music is improvisation, which very much contributes to the unique sound. Another equally important part is the variety of rhythms. Music is supposed to mirror the soul of the performer and the rhythms can, and should, evolve into completely new forms. The charasteristics depend on who is the interpreter.

School conserts with Bazaar

South | West | East | North
Four fabolous musicians, a bag filled with instruments and music from all corners of the world- S.W.E.N takes you to a universe of sound and grooves both familiar and yet unfamiliar and exotic.

Music workshop with Bazaar
”Bazaarmusic” – inspiration, techniques and improvisations

Asita Hamidi- electronic consertharp, vocals
Bruno Arnstad- vocals, voice ”acrobatics”
Björn Meyer- accoustic bass, electronic bass
Kaspar Rast- percussion

About Kista World Music Festival
Kista World Music Festival has been held for the 9th consecutive year. Several world-renown artists in World Music have guested the Festival, e.g. Zarbang & Banafsheh Sayyad [Iran/USA], Combonations [Norway], Kamkar Ensemble [Iran], Alazar [France], Ale Möller, Golbang, Makonde, Raks el Hawanem, Zakala, Jalal Naghshbandi, Eisa Baloochestani, K. Shivakumar, Aruna Mohanty and many more. The festival also hosts seminars, workshops and school concerts, held in venues in Kista and at the Culture House and The Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

The aim of the festival is to encourage the establishment of a national venue for world music in Kista, create a Nordic forum for world musicians and highlight Kista as a vibrant hybrid of cultures, religions, languages and nationalities, in which the democratic convergence of various groups (community, business and public sector) provide a platform for creativity.

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